A case of heel pain with achilles tendon discomfort

A recent case of achilles insertional pain with discomfort in the inner (medial arch) of the foot and heel.  A young rugby player (14 years old) has a 1 year history of medial heel pain and achilles discomfort during and after exertion.
Diagnosis : The assessment appears to indicate some mild sever’s symptoms, significant tightness in the posterior compartment (hamstring and calf) and biomechanical issues with over-pronation in stance and during activity. The following was the exercise prescription to accompany the physiotherapy treatment and kinesiology support taping.
achilles stretch with medial arch support

achilles stretch with medial arch support

early hamstring stretch

early hamstring stretch

Tibialis Posterior strengthening

Tibialis Posterior strengthening

medial foot and medial arch strengthening

medial foot and medial arch strengthening

Advice was to do these daily, and continuously for 1 month up to a review. We would keep in reserve the option to refer to podiatry for assessment. I would prefer to avoid orthotic intervention in the first instance. Activity modification for a 12 week period was recommended to reduce the repetitive stress element.
This is the kinesiotaping recommended for activity support.
The exercise protocols published at case histories are for specific cases that we have encountered and managed during the course of our work. Case histories are intended for medical professionals in the course of their own work or further learning. If you yourself have the same diagnosed condition as illustrated in a specific case history, you might find it helpful to follow the program that we issued to our own patients, but you must ensure that your medical professional is happy for you to do so.

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