Mobilising your upper back for tennis elbow


Start  by  lying  on  your  left  side,  knees  bent  and  hips  raised,  hands  clasped.  Raise  your  right  hand and  turn  your  body  to  the  right  at  the  same  time  so  that  your  upper  body  turns  towards  the  right side.  Keep  moving as far as you can go without straining.  You  either keep your right hand rested against your trunk as you turn (as in the video) or try to place  your  right  hand  over on  the  floor  to  the  side  of  you (as in the illustration).

How many how often?

Repeat  this 10  times  or  so,  and  try  2  -­  3  sets  to  each  side.

What is the benefit of this exercise?

By mobilising the thoracic spine (upper back), you can reduce adverse neural tension in the arm. You can improve the mobility of the shoulder girdle as well as much of the sensitive tissue that connects into the arms from the trunk. This done regular might help reduce general tension and pain in the affected arm. It can reduce the effect of referred pain in the arms

What can I expect to happen?

You may feel mild tension and discomfort in your mid-back between your shoulder blades, and also in your side. All of this is normal. Although you are unlikely to feel a direct link or benefit to the elbow pain this exercise can reduce the tension on deep tissue and nerves which connect into the arms.

Works best with?

Tennis elbow stretch, eccentric elbow exercise.

Watch the upper back mobilising exercise video

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