eccentric elbow exercise


Start with a very light object. On a very painful tennis elbow, simply the weight of a rolling-pin or a drinks-can might be enough stress to start-with. Just follow the same technique as demonstrated in the video below, and build up the weight gradually. Support the forearm for better results, try resting your forearm on your thigh or a bench surface. Slow and steady wins the race! 

How many how often?

Try 3-5 repetitions a few times a day. Start cautiously and build up the frequency of exercise gradually.

What is the benefit of this exercise?

This exercise mainly conditions the muscles over the forearm which originate from the common extensor tendon at the outer aspect of your painful elbow. The exercise generates a useful stress on the tendon to assist healing, especially when the tennis elbow symptoms have been present for more than 6 weeks.

What can I expect to happen?

You may feel a distinct tiredness in your forearm or over the outer elbow. Sometimes some discomfort in the outer elbow at the tennis elbow pain-site when you finish the exercise. All of this is normal. Try not to aggravate the pain beyond 2 out of 10 (if 10 is the most severe pain you can imagine, and 0 is ‘painfree’)

Works best with?

Tennis elbow stretch and thoracic rotation

Watch the eccentric elbow exercise video

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