gluteal squat exercise


Progress to this squat when you are confident that you can perform the sitting squat. Place your hands forward on an exercise ball. Keep about one third of your weight through the ball as you slowly squat. As you squat, ensure that you keep your weight over your heels rather than through your toes. Do not take your hips lower than the top of the ball. Repeat this exercise.

How many how often?

Try doing 10 to 15 exercises at a time, in 2 or 3 sets, with a short rest in between.

What is the benefit of this exercise?

This is an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles around the hips and knees which are vital for walking, stairs, cycling, and standing. This exercise will effectively strengthen all of these muscles.

What can I expect to happen?

You may feel some initial knee ache, and tiredness in the hips and thighs. All of this is normal. After getting used to the exercise, you might find that your walking feels easier.

Works best with?

Hip extension exercise, clamshell, calf raises, bridging, sitting squat exercise.


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