clamshell exercise


Lying on a firm surface, with your knees & feet together and bent. Keep your feet together and slowly raise your upper knee so that your knees move apart like a ‘clamshell’. You are aiming to raise your knee just higher than your upper hip and then slowly return to the start position. Repeat this movement. Ensure that you are not straining your back, or rocking backwards as you do this.

How many how often?

Try doing 10 to 15 exercises at a time, in 2 or 3 sets, with a short rest in between.  You can repeat this again in the day.  If you find this helpful it can be done at intervals in the day depending on your pain and stiffness.

What is the benefit of this exercise?

To strengthen muscles around the hip (the gluteal group) which are very important in walking and step climbing, squatting as well as bike riding. This exercise will also mobilise the hips to reduce stiffness.

What can I expect to happen?

You may feel mild tension and discomfort in your hip, and some tiring of the buttock and thigh muscles. All of this is normal. After getting used to the exercise, you might find that it can be used to reduce pain, and that your walking feels easier.

Works best with?

Squats, hip abduction exercise, calf raises, inner range quadriceps exercises.

Watch the clamshell exercise video

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