Retraining balance

The question of balance is an important one. Balance training provides us with an opportunity to enhance many mechanisms within the body. Balance training can be used to address a localised need, such as recovering from an ankle ligament sprain, or to address a specific weakness of one of the postural muscles within the leg. It can be used in a more global sense, I tend to employ balance work when I am wanting to stimulate ‘core’ muscles for back rehabilitation, or in the more complex stages after surgery to the hip and knee. The preservation of balance is also one of our markers of ageing, and is linked to longer-living. Below are 2 sequences of balance training that I regularly use with my clients, progressing from one sequence to the next when the time is right.

TIP : Aim to perform the exercises for the duration of the video, then progress over 2-3 weeks so that you can keep this technique going for up to 3 minutes without stopping.


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