neural mobilising


Lying relaxed on your back with some bend in your knees. Raise one leg halfway towards your chest and support behind the thigh with your hands. In a controlled and smooth manner, attempt to straighten your knee. When you feel either a stretch in your leg or back, (or any discomfort at all in your back), stop and then lower your leg by bending your knee. Repeat again, straight away, slowly and smoothly, to apply tension by straightening your knee once more. Perform this exercise on both legs.

How many how often?

Perhaps do this exercise for 30 seconds or so in a steady rhythm , then relax and repeat again before standing up. This can be done at intervals through the day as you find the exercise helps you more.

What is the benefit of this exercise?

To maintain the mobility of soft tissue in the pelvis and leg, especially the sciatic nerve and long leg muscles. To  help control any symptoms that might be arising from the lumbar ‘sciatic’ nerves

What can I expect to happen?

You might feel that the tension in your leg and back varies at times from day to day when doing this exercise. You might feel mild and short lasting pins and needles ‘tingling’ in the leg or foot which should settle quickly. This exercise can reduce your overall back and thigh discomfort.

Works best with?

Flexion in lying, lumbar rotation, prone knee bending, walking.

Watch the neural mobilising video

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